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Clef transposition

I would like to change Clef on a staff, for example, from G clef to F clef but it's not easy...

example :
  • I have a staff with a G clef and notes :     𝄞 C D E F G
  • If I change key to F, I get :     𝄞 E F G A B
  • Then I use "tool > transpose staff..." with -4 semitons but I get :     𝄢 C Db Eb F G

Is there a better way to change clef in NWC ?

Re: Clef transposition

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Is there a better way to change clef in NWC ?
Yes. Don't use "tool > transpose staff..."  Changing Clefs is not a transposition, it is a vertical shift.

Select the notes in the new Clef range and use Ctrl+Shift+Up or Ctrl+Shift+Down to shift the notes into the position consistent with the new Clef.
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Re: Clef transposition

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To go from a G to an F staff, do the Ctrl+Shift+Up 12 times like Rick suggested.  If one of the staves has an octave shift, subtract or add 7 as well.  For example to move an octave down treble staff (like a tenor part) to a true bass staff, move all notes up 5 times.

I think there is a user tool to handle these and all other possible staves (Middle C on the 3rd or 4th line or 3rd space)--I'm not able to look it up now.
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Re: Clef transposition

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Thank you very much ! I did not know  ctrl + shift + up/down  keyboard shortcuts!

Re: Clef transposition

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Nope. There are two user tools!  :D
One javascript and another lua.
You can find them here
Nope.  :P
The javascript was the first one, but contained a bug. So you should use the lua version.
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Re: Clef transposition

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Thanks Opagust.
I knew the javascript one was older, but I wasn't aware of the bug.  :D

But they are two anyway.
There is also kbsc_Clef_Change.php by K.B.S. Creer. ;)

Re: Clef transposition

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Quote: There is also kbsc_Clef_Change.php by K.B.S. Creer.

This is a very usefull tool, as it allows you to change clefs as well as octave up or octave down