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With this tool you can insert note names into your song file.

You can download the tool from the attached file or my website:
Don't forget to change the extension to '.js'.

To Install in NoteWorthy:
- Open a NoteWorthy File
- Choose ‘Tools’, ‘User Tool…’ or enter Alt-F8
- Click ‘New…’
-  Enter the name of the tool and choose a group or enter the name of a new group
- Command Line: “Wscript YourScriptsFolder\OGNoteNames.js <PROMPT:Act upon:=|All_Staffs|Visible_Staffs|Active_Staff|Help> <PROMPT:NoteNames:=|A_B_C_...|do_re_mi...> <PROMPT:Insert as:=|Lyrics|Text|>
-  Input Type: File Text
- Under ‘Options: Check ‘Returns File text’
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