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Can I play it in a different Tempo?

My Wife uses NWC to practise her singing and she was wondering if there is a way to play the music slower?

Re: Can I play it in a different Tempo?

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   Hi, DickZ

   Indeed there is.  The default tempo is crotchet=120.  To change the tempo simply insert a Tempo command - from the pull-down Insert menu - where you want the different tempo to start from.  So to change the tempo for the entire piece, insert it at the beginning.

   It doesn't matter which staff you put the insert in, though a tempo command in a lower - on the screen - staff will overrule any setting in a higher one.

   You can find "Tempo command" in the Help section.

   Good luck.

   MusicJohn, 3/May/14

Re: Can I play it in a different Tempo?

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If the tempo settings to be changed are a bit too many there's the tool, courtesy of Warren.

Otherwise, I didn't try it but it seems that the player could satisfy your requirements in a much easier way.

Re: Can I play it in a different Tempo?

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If she wants to use the NWC Player, this function is built in.  Click on the Play menu and you can change the playback tempo, transpose, play, or pause.

Flurmy, thanks for the website plug.

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Re: Can I play it in a different Tempo?

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The Noteworthy Viewer (not called "Player" any more) is designed to be perfect for choral practice. 

You can  increase playback speed by simply pressing the "Plus" key on your keyboard and slow it by pressing the "minus" key. You can achieve the same effect by clicking the forward or back arrows in the bottom task-bar if you prefer to use the mouse.

As a matter of interest you can now also raise or lower the pitch by clicking the vertical arrows in the task-bar.

In our choir everyone now uses the "Viewer" to play our Training Aids because of its wonderful versatility.  Its "read only" characteristic means that nobody can change anything by hitting a wrong key!, so all Training Aids can be distributed and stored in the "Cloud" eg in "Dropbox".

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