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Keyboard malfunctioning in NWC?

In Windows 8 and 8.1, the keyboard settings change at random intervals, and seem to begin using a European layout.  

This means the control key will no longer work in NWC until you change the keyboard back, so some hot key combinations won't work.  

A temporary and quick fix is to click the Keyboard setting at the bottom of the screen in the Windows 8/8.1 status bar - it's probably just to the left of your clock.  It's easy to change back to the keyboard you want, and then the Control key will once more do what it's supposed to in NWC.

Re: Keyboard malfunctioning in NWC?

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It happens to me all the time. I'm using a Win 8 box downgraded to Win 7 pro for my work, and it is very annoying. I use Canadian Multilingual Standard, and every now and again, using the keys at the left of the keyboard I hit the magic combination and I'm in US standard which isn't the same thing at all.

Re: Keyboard malfunctioning in NWC?

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If I remember well, in the last century :-) when DOS ruled, that key combinations used to be <ctrl><alt><F1> and <ctrl><alt><F2>.

Re: Keyboard malfunctioning in NWC?

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If you are working on a laptop, try disabling the touchpad and use a mouse instead.
I had to do that for both "changing keyboards" and for the cursor jumping around anywhere it wanted to go.

Re: Keyboard malfunctioning in NWC?

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There is a keyboard shortcut that changes the layout. It's the combination of Left shift + Left control.

Test: type Shift 56789 (on the upper row). On my keyboard, that gives
Once again, but after having hit Left shift + Left control:
Well, hum. That looks different. Many other keys change definitions. So, if your keyboard does weird things: try Left shift + Left control!

cheers, Rob