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Help "Invalid Tree" Message in using "predefined Instruments"

I'm trying to make my NWC files use the Sound banks of a Yamaha S900, and have tried just putting a couple of  Yamaha NWCitree  file into the itrees folder , just to see what would be displayed when I pressed the "Predefined instruments" box in Staff Properties/ Instruments.
I just generated a message "Invalid Tree".

Even though I've now moved the offending itree files, and the folder just has the original four files, I still get the message, and any patch, MSB and LSB info are reset to zero. Needless to say, I'm not accessing the sounds I'm aiming for.
Is there any way of restoring the purity of the itrees folder?
Any advice would be much
appreciated -

Re: nwcitree for Yamaha S900

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I see from the pdf owner's manual that the S900 supports XG.
This topic may help: Yamaha XG Tree

At least one of our regulars attests to its usefulness.
I regularily use it with my Yamaha PSR keyboard.
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Re: Help "Invalid Tree" Message in using "predefined Instruments"

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Thanks, RickG.
I'm persevering with trying to write an S900-specific itree, and wondering if someone, somewhere has already done it.
I'm guessing from what you wrote that if I use any tested XG nwcitree, it will access at least some of the instruments, and not generate any errors.
It would just feel better if I could just access all the S900 instruments structured as on the keyboard displays.
I really appreciate your taking the trouble to reply so thanks again