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A small tool to automatically add trilli.

Assumes: font User1 = MusikDingsxxx

Once again, the trillo can be interpreted differently depending on the period, the composer etc. but I think this is a good starting point.
Of course, you can always do it by hand or use a hidden layedered staff, if you prefer...

Warning: exceeding 15 consecutive grace notes makes odd effects. NWC oddity.
As usual, Rick got a workaround, but it's not so easy to automate.

Re: Trilli

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Corrected the default stem orientation
Corrected the case of rest chord when the rest is not visible
Added parameter "n" or "-" to avoid adding grace notes to actually execute the trill

Re: Trilli

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Version 2.00: Deeply reworked and extended

The most notable extension is for trills of arbitrary length, thanks to a trick suggested long ago by Rick-the-wizard.

A known problem is that, in long trills, if you have notes (a chord) other than the one trilling then those notes are visible but don't play.