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Change clef tool error

I am having trouble using the Change Clef tool.  I am trying to convert a Bass Clef tenor part (split from single staff ten/bass line using Parts tool) to single treble clef notation. 

I keep getting the following error:

Error: [in C:\Program Files (x86)\Noteworthy Software\NoteWorthy Composer 2\Scripts\lib\, at line 35]
--> Unrecognized notation clip format header

I have the standard starter pack installed and worked out the relative directory paths in the command line, but do not know enough PHP to troubleshoot this error. 

My environment is Win Vista 64 bit with NWC 2.5.1.  I have successfully executed other user tools. I have also reviewed the Change Clef thread from a couple years ago, but didn't find anything relevant to this error.

Jim in Cleveland

Re: Change clef tool error

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Error: [in <path>\, at line 35]--> Unrecognized notation clip format header
is the normal error if 'User Tool Description'->'Input Type'->'File Text' is selected and the tool expects 'Clip Text'

Most tools that accept (or require) 'File Text' will state as much in their installation instructions. In the absence of such instructions, it is best to start with 'Input Type'->'Clip Text', which is the default.
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Re: Change clef tool error

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Thanks!  That was the problem.  Don't remember specifically selecting that radio button, but .....
Jim in Cleveland