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16th to 8th notes

Hi, I just downloaded the Global Modification Tool.  I want to do two things:

Convert my D#, G#, and A# to Eb, Ab, and Bb, respectively, and also change my 16th into 8th notes.  I tried looking at the scripts but they seem pretty vague in available options.

Thanks in advance!

Re: 16th to 8th notes

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To change 16th notes into 8th notes:
Note,Dur==16th Dur=8th
You can also select a bunch of items and press the plus key. This will double their duration, provided that they are not Dur:Whole

To change Notes, Chords and Rests, use:
Note,Dur==16th Dur=8th Chord,Dur==16th Dur=8th Rest,Dur==16th Dur=8th
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Re: 16th to 8th notes

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Converting D#, G#, and A# to Eb, Ab, and Bb is clef dependent...  What I mean is that Global_Mod will allow you to edit the "Pos" parameter which is the note's position on the staff.

So, for D#, G# and A# respectively for a treble clef and notes within the staff the commands would be:

Note,Pos==#2 Pos=b3
Note,Pos==#-2 Pos=b-1
Note,Pos==#-1 Pos=b0

OR on one line:
Note,Pos==#2 Pos=b3, Note,Pos==#-2 Pos=b-1, Note,Pos==#-1 Pos=b0

For Bass clef, subtract 2 from each number, for Tenor clef add 1 and for Alto subtract 1

To explain "Pos" this number represents the POSition of the note on the staff relative to the middle line.  The middle line is 0 (zero), notes above the line are 1, 2, 3 etc. the first space above the middle line being 1 and so on.  The same is true for notes below the middle line except they are negative numbers: -1, -2, -3 etc..  Sharps and flats and naturals are indicated by #, b and n respectively.  The Pos parameter can also contain other information like note head type (o,x,X,z) and tie start (^)
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Re: 16th to 8th notes

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To change your sharp notes to flats, you might be able to use the Audit Enharmonic Spelling feature.  Give it a flat key of F major (unless it has a flat key already) and run the Tools -> Audit -> Audit Enharmonic Spelling.  This will change all of your sharps into flats but if this doesn't work for you, you will have to take another route.

If you have a reason to NOT have a key signature you will have to revisit all of your B's to change them to Bb so you can take the temp key signature out.  If it was already in the key of Eb, you will be through after running AES.

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Re: 16th to 8th notes

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Thanks to everyone for your help!