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Ideas please for the best, very simple keyboard for use with Noteworthy and extremely simple one syllable instructions on how to connect it to my computer.  I am a female!

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Hi huntress,

Each MIDI keyboard can be connected to a computer if you have the right cables.
In the past every computer had a gameport on the soundcard and MIDI cables were supplied with the keyboard or with the soundcard. Today new computers do almost all their communication through USB-connectors.
So you should buy a MIDI-USB cable.
Once connected you should select the correct MIDI input in NWC (MPU-401 in my case) and that's it.


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One point I would make (again) is that many of the USB-MIDI adapters draw quite a large current, and in some cases can cause the PC to fail to boot.  Also, some laptops do not have sufficient current availabel to drive these adapters.  In the first case, unplug the adapter before booting the PC, and in the second case, use a powered hub.