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Song Templates
Hi! I open in NWC 2.1 New: the only possibility "Blank Score"! Why not more possibilities as in previous versions? Have I done something wrong?
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Re: Song Templates
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When you open the Tools menu and choose the bottom entry of Options..., the tab Folders tells you where NWC looks for templates.  Either change this to where your templates are currently or (better option) move everything in your existing folder to where NWC 2.1 wants them now.

My preference is for the "New File Templates" directory "Templates" to me one level deeper than the "Song Files"--it will make adding your own templates (regular song files with little more than staves, clefs, and instruments) much easier.

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Re: Song Templates
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Have I done something wrong?
Perhaps. This happens if you run nwc2.exe from a location other than where the installer put it.
See: New Command

Your folder structure should look something like this:
├───NoteWorthy Composer 2 (nwc2.exe)
│   ├───AutoSave
│   ├───Config
│   ├───itrees
│   ├───PHP
│   ├───SAMPLES
│   ├───Scripts
│   │   └───lib
│   ├───Setups
│   └───Template (PIANO.nwc, Quartet.nwc, SATB.nwc, VOCALACC.nwc)
│       ├───CUSTOM (SAMPLE.nwc)
│       └───Rhythm (dance4_4.nwc, latin4_4.nwc, ...)
└───NoteWorthy Composer 2 Viewer
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Re: Song Templates
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Thank you! New installation and everything works propely. Fine! Aaltonen