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Topic: User Tool to make staves use the same channel - rg_SyncStaves.vbs (Read 6711 times) previous topic - next topic

User Tool to make staves use the same channel - rg_SyncStaves.vbs

NWC User Tool arising from the discussion here:
Is there a way to change the instrument of all the staves at once

Download the attachment to your Scripts folder and remove ".txt" From the end of the file name.
Command is: WScript Scripts\rg_SyncStaves.vbs

To use, hide all the staves that you don't want changed.
Select the staff that you want to use as the template and run the tool. The selected staff will be unchanged.
All other visible staves will be changed to use the same MIDI channel/device and 'Ending Bar' as the selected staff.
For these staves, the following will be deleted:
  • Channel Volume
  • Stereo Pan
  • Instrument Name
  • Patch
  • Bank Select

Comments welcome. If reporting a bug, please include your Windows version and any error message.
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