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NWC and *.xml

Can NWC can read and write music in *.xml format so I can exchange my song to my other friends which use another Notation Software (like Finale, Sibelius, etc, because those programs can read and write the *.xml files), instead re-entering the note one by one?
Thank you.


Re: NWC and *.xml

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Greetings violino.

It should be possible to convert NWC files to XML and then import them into Sibelius, Finale etc, but I have only had very limited success so far.  James Lee has written a program called nwc2xml which produces good-looking XML files, but I have only managed once out of many attempts to import one of them into Sibelius.  It certainly produced a fine-looking score with very few errors that I could find.

I have been unable to determine why it usually fails.

I still find when I want to convert it is necessary to save my NWC choral score as a type1 MIDI file and open that file in Sibelius.  This loses a lot of detail and requires a lot of editing.

Another alternative of course is to print your NWC score and scan it into Sibelius with Photoscore.  I have found that this usually involves me in hours of editing and correcting too.

So until some of our more clever colleagues can improve the reliability of programs like nwc2xml, it will not be easy to do what you want.

It's way past my bedtime in Melbourne so I haven't got time to seek out the links to nwc2xml tonight.  If you are interested I'll try to find 'em tomorrow.



Re: NWC and *.xml

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Thank you very much.
I will try it by my self, but certainly helps are required.
Thanks again.