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How to convert rests

I have a NWC score in 3/4 converted from a MIDI file, and all the full-bar rests are half dotted. I want to convert them into whole rests. I tried using global modification tool:

Rest,Dur==Half\,Dotted Dur=Whole

but this didn't work. Tried all other combinations, but didn't succeed. Can anyone help, please?

Re: How to convert rests

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I couldn't get it to work either, but I'm not a GlobalMod guru.
I also tried: Rest,Dur==Half\,Dotted DELETE
That didn't work either, leading me to believe that it is the Half\,Dotted part that is not working.

If you export it to an nwctxt file and load that into WordPad, then:
  • Find what: |Rest|Dur:Half,Dotted
  • Replace with: |Rest|Dur:Whole
It will process all the staves at once.
Save it, and drop it on NWC2.
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Re: How to convert rests

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The GlobalMod expression would be something like:

Rest,Dur.Half,Dur.Dotted Dur=Whole

There is a harmless warning generated by GlobalMod if other rests are encountered. It occurs at line 81. It can safely be ignored.


Re: How to convert rests

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Cheers, Rick, it worked!