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NumberBars.vbs - add rehearsal numbers

This liitle tool arose from the discussion in: How to put a rehearsal symbol at front of a line?

As usual, copy it to your Scripts folder and remove the '.txt' extension.
Command: WScript Scripts\rg_NumberBars.vbs

To use it:
  • Add a new staff.
  • Move it to the top and check Layer with next staff.
  • Copy a full staff and paste it into the new staff.
  • At bar #2 on the new staff, insert Text: "2  ", Center, Best Fit.
  • After that, insert a Key signature of "C".
  • Select nothing and run the tool.

The attachment shows the setup just prior to running the tool.

To number every bar, put "2  " on the 2nd bar.
To number every 5th bar, put "5  " on the 5th bar.
To number every 10th bar, put "10  " on the 10th bar.

The Key signature helps get the alignment right. Depending on the Font used, 1 to 3 spaces are needed to get the number to center over the previous barline.

You may have to move the text vertically to clear some items in the signature. In some rare cases, it may number an empty bar at the end instead of the one you want. If you use a hidden ending bar in Staff Properties, you will probably want to exclude the final bar line from the count.

A side use is to add no text or key. This will result in a staff with just invisble rests and barlines.
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