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new itrees
I have aparticular interest in organ music and have downloaded several organ sound fonts. and installed them in  my Audigy sound card.
Although the Audigy Sound Font Bank Manager displays the contents of each sound font with in this case the Stop name for each file, I have not yet found an easy way of automatically
 copying these lists into the form required to construct an itree ( or a NWCPatch for the original Noteworthy)  In the case of Stefan's Cathedral Organ font this would  involve a considerable amount of tedious manual copying.
It occurred to me that others may wish to take advantage of my efforts.  I have itrees now for
jeux ( available already through the site)
Stefan's Cathedral Organ( "" "" )
jeux d'orgues
jeux d'orgues2
english organ v102
cinema organ v102

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Re: new itrees
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Sounds interesting. Where may I download these itrees?

Re: new itrees
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Jeux, English Organ, Jeux d'Orgues 2 and Stefans Cathedra organ can be found in the Scriptorium
I can Email you  others quite easily if you  can let me have an Email address (using ther safety rule of saying "so and so" AT ( or other internet server) to avoid automatic picking up of addresses by malicious parties.
At the moment I do not have "jeux d'orgues" or "Cinema Organ" because Imlostv them with a hard drive failure which did not have a back up
You will of course need to have the sound fonts themselves installed in a sound card such as the Creative Sound Blaster series.

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