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Tips for using ADP's Global Modification User Tool

One of the most powerful and flexible user tools in the NWC2 User Tool Starter Kit (refer to Getting started with NWC2 User Tools) is ADP's Global Modification script, or GlobalMod for short. This script gives you the power to globally modify many notation elements on a staff using pattern matching instructions called expressions.

The easiest way to get started with the tips in this topic is to install the NWC2 User Tools Starter Kit (if you haven't done so yet). Once this is done, you can invoke the GlobalMod tool from within the NWC2 editor by pressing Alt+F8, then finding the tool named Global Modification (adp). You can invoke a tool by pressing Enter on the keyboard, double clicking it with the mouse, or by selecting it and pressing the Run button. You are then prompted to enter an expression.

Here are some example global modification expressions that should get you started:

  • Set all grace notes to the Highlight1 color
    Use: Note,Dur.Grace Color=1

  • Change all Dynamics from Left justification to Right justification
    Use: Dynamic,!Justify Justify=Right

  • Force all dynamics to Preserve Width
    Use: Dynamic,!Wide Wide=Y

  • Move all whole rests up 2 positions on the staff
    Use: Rest,Dur==Whole Opts.VertOffset+=2

  • Slow down all tempos by 10%
    Use: Tempo Tempo*=0.9

  • Hide all tempo markings
    Use: Tempo Visibility=Never

Modifications to support MPC controller values in <comparison>

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As discussed in the noteworthy.nwc2beta newsgroup...

With version 1.2 of GlobalMod, you can escape the comma in the match request using a backslash. For example:

MPC,Controller==tempo,Pt1==0\,72 Pt1=0,50

This changes all tempo MPC with the first point value of "72" to a value of "50".

Re: Tips for using ADP's Global Modification User Tool

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Version 1.2 of GlobalMod appears in the Starter Kit version 1.21 or later. This new starter kit is available now at:

NoteWorthy Composer 2 User Tools