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Error: GDI Failure
I've been using Noteworthy Composer for several years with no trouble, but today, when I tried to open the program, an error message with the heading of "ObjectWindows Exception" and the text of "GDI failure" comes up, and it won't run. Does anybody have an idea as to what may be up? I performed a forum search for "GDI" and didn't come up with anything, so I apologize if this has been asked before.

Re: Error: GDI Failure
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NoteWorthy Support is probably much better qualified to answer this, but until then here's my two bits' worth.

GDI is the "Graphic Device Interface" component in Windows, and in my experience only acts up if there's something seriously wrong. Did you change anything recently, especially as regards your video card or video drivers? Other information that might help narrow this down is:

Which Windows version?
Does it happen with other software, or just NWC?
If it happens with NWC only, have you tried reinstalling it?
Does it happen immediately when you launch the program, or only after you load an NWC file?

Good luck.

Re: Error: GDI Failure
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Thanks for the reply. I'm running Windows 98, I've only seen the error with Composer, I've tried reinstalling NWC, and the error happens right when I open the program. I haven't made any changes to my computer, but recently it's grown less stable, to the point where I usually have to restart it at least once a day due to various inexplicable Explorer errors. Perhaps it's just time to reinstall Windows.

Re: Error: GDI Failure
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Small update: NWC seems to have run just fine after a recent restart of my computer. I'm going to start backing up my files as soon as possible and see about reinstalling or upgrading my OS.

Re: Error: GDI Failure
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There's a handy little bit of free-ware available from the PCMagazine site called end-it-all.  It is a little more useful than Win98's ctrl-alt-delete.  Gives you a good idea of what's running in the background on your system, and allows you to close or kill most of them.

Go here for the end-it-all it:,4148,23,00.asp

Click on the utilities from A to Z link.  Lots of useful stuff there, by the way.

You may have to register for the download.  If so you'll have the option of subscribing to a few newsletters.  Probably the only one you'll want is the daily usertips, if you want any at all.

I'd also recommend scanning your system immediately.

Re: Error: GDI Failure
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The key to this is that you had no problems until one suddenly develops. When something like this happens with any program, it is best to try things in the following progression:

  • First, try rebooting the machine. This involves a total power down of the computer, then powering it back on. This solves most problems where Windows has simply gone flaky.
  • If that fails, try uninstalling then reinstalling the program, although this rarely helps with NWC unless you have a file association problem or a hard drive that is starting to fail.
  • If that fails, you should perform diagnostics on your hard drive and other computer components, and think hard about what changed on the computer. If possible, isolate the problem or change that causes the problem and correct it.
  • If all else fails, you may have a corrupted Windows installation that needs to be repaired or reinstalled. Before performing this step, it would be nice if the exact cause of the corruption could be isolated (virus, hardware failure, software installation, etc.).