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Bar numbers / Metronome marks / Pauses / Fingering
6 Questions...

1. How can I put in bar numbers when they do not automatically appear?

2. I have made up one main score for a band. Is there any way that Noteworthy can print out each part seperately without me having to cut-and-paste?

3. How can I put in metronome marks using note symbols?

4. Can I put in pause marks?

5. How do I enter fingering on parts?

6. Can the print-out be shrunk down to say twelve staves per A4 sheet?

I have a fully registered version of Noteworthy Composer v.1.7 (beta).

Many thanks for all your help, guys.

Re: Bar numbers / Metronome marks / Pauses / Fingering
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1) Select "Page Setup" from the "File" menu, then go to the "Options" tab in the resulting dialog box and select the appropriate "Measure Number" and "Measure Start" options.

2) For each part, go to the "Contents" tab under "File"/"Page Setup" and hide (deselect) all but one staff, then print. You may find, however, that in some cases you want to cut and paste anyway - for example, if you want to compress a multi-measure rest into a single symbol. (For multi-measure rest and other useful symbols, see the "Boxmarks" font in the "Helpful files" section of the NWC Scriptorium.

3) Insert a "Tempo" item. The easiest way is to position the cursor and type 't', which will bring up a dialog box allowing you to select a note and the corresponding mm number.

4) Yes, it's one of the items under "Tempo Variance" (position the cursor and type 'e'). I don't know whether you're looking for a fermata (bird's-eye) or breath mark (comma), but both are available.

5) Insert the fingering numbers as text items (position the cursor and type 'x'). I use the "Staff Lyric" font for this, but the choice is up to you.

6) Go to the "Options" tab under "File"/"Page Setup", and select the appropriate "Staff Size (in points)". I don't know how big "A4" paper is, but a size of 18 points will put 12 staves on 8.5 X 11 paper.

Re: Bar numbers / Metronome marks / Pauses / Fingering
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re: 5) For fingering, I prefer to use the Page Small Text font (it is smaller).
Also, on the Insert Text property sheet, select Justification: Center and Alignment: Next Note.
To see these options, go to Tools | Options, on the Edit tab unselect Smart Properties Insert. If you do this, you only need to set the text properties the first time; after that all you need to do is change the number each time you insert text.