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Putting .nwc on website
Hi.. I have put some .nwc files on my web site and for some reason they want to load up as text rather than binary.. I notice some of the others have had the same problem.. my system administrator is looking into it.. he says it is not a common file extension.. what did others do to solve?

Re: Putting .nwc on website
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Yes, it seems that .NWC files are recognized as text files (on NN3 at least, didn't try on MSIE or any other).

2 Solutions :
First is to upload them as zipped files. For speed sake it's better too ;
Second is to use ftp instead, setting it up into binary mode.

If someone can properly download a(ny) .nwc file(s), let us know !

Hope this helps,

Re: Putting .nwc on website
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Even though I have never tried what I am about to say, I think it should work...

I know it's possible to do this with Netscape Navigator 3 but I think same technique can be applied to other browsers, ie MSIE.

First of all d/l NWC PLayer, and then setup .nwc application as a helper app (in Netscape, under Options|General Preferences|Helper Apps), so that as soon as you click on a .nWC file it will automatically launch the player.

When uploading the .NWC file to your web site (ftp) use binary file transfer.

I am pretty sure one could get this to work, but it's just in theory

Re: Putting .nwc on website
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Netscape, in reply to the question "Why doesn't my web page work when I upload it to my ISP's server?" say (amongst other things) "If you have composed a web page locally on your hard drive and it works, but once uploaded sound files don't play, etc., read on.

The web functions on MIME types. For every document transmitted, the server includes a 'header' which instructs the receiver (web browser) as to what *kind* of data is being sent. The format is type/sub-type.

When a sound clip or video applet doesn't run, it is usually related to MIME types on either or both the client (Navigator) and the server. Example: Server is sending application/midi, when the client is expecting audio/x-midi. The fix: contact your service provider (ISP) for help to correct the mismatch. "

I was calling mine application/x-nwc, but perhaps Noteworthy Artware would like to choose a standard that we could all use before going off to out ISPs to get our files recognised.


Re: Putting .nwc on website
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And, of course, if all you're interested in is the playback capability, the simplest approach is to export your .nwc file as a MIDI (.mid) file and put that on your Web site. Then just about any Web surfer will be able to play your masterpiece.

- seb

Re: Putting .nwc on website
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I still think there is a step missing, and that's telling our Webserver to tell the rest of the web that the file it's about to send is an application/nw-composer

I believe that it is just defaulting to text/html or something similar, as when I click on my links to NWC files, they end up in my window as text (not much text in a NWC file, is there?:-)

Is there anyone who can explain this whole procedure fully so that when people click on my NWC files they will get Noteworthy Player playing it?

Of course, the next step is to have NW Player as a plugin, and then we can EMBED the files!!!! Scarey thought!


Re: Putting .nwc on website
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You must setup the MIME type for NWC files such that Netscape receives NWC files as binary data. On our servers, we added the following line to our .htaccess file:

AddType application/octet-stream nwc

This forced NWC files to be treated as a binary MIME type. If you are adding NWC files to your web site, consult with your web server documentation for the appropriate method for achieving this.

Re: Putting .nwc on website
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Re: Putting .nwc on website
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Regarding downloading a *.nwc file: Has anyone tried the right-click and "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" on your web browser? It depends which browser you have. I know this works for some things. For example, it can be used to save a MIDI file without playing it immediately. Unfortunately I cannot try it for *.nwc on my current machine, as the Windows NT system that I am using has that function blocked.

Re: Putting .nwc on website
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I moved to another computer ...

Using Netscape on a Windows machine, it is possible to download a *.nwc file as a file to disk, without the machine attempting to open it as text. Right-click on the link, and "Save Link As..." Later, you can open the saved *.nwc file in Noteworthy Player.

Of course, you can also zip the file. Then, anyone with an un-zipper can get it. Or, if your audience has Windows machines (and I suppose they do), then you may be able to make a Windows self-executable file to enclose your *.nwc, if you have the software.

Re: Putting .nwc on website
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It should also be noted that version 1.70 of both NWC and the Player include a mechanism which attempts to correct for an *.nwc file that has been incorrectly retrieved as an ASCII file.

Re: Putting .nwc on website
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Ah, yes! Thank you very much for that ASCII versus binary feature, NWC. In fact, on my system, when I right-click and "Save Link As" it DOES retrieve it as ASCII, and the NWC software DOES give a warning message and (so far, successfully) converts the file to the necessary binary.

Re: Putting .nwc on website
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In the interest of progress, the best way to put nwc files on the web would be to integrate use of the NWC browser plug-in. See for details.

Re: Putting .nwc on website
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This reply probably belongs more correctly under the discussion on the new browser plug-in. However, since Noteworthy has introduced here, let me say that I have added the plug-in to Netscape and it works a treat. Well done Noteworthy for another super piece of kit. I accessed Fred's "Caverns" to try it out and was delighted with the results. A right click allowed me to save the file to disk. However, when I opened the file in Noteworthy it just didn't look the same. The staves were stretched out across the screen and no longer had the usual nice neat appearance of Noteworhty files. This is a minor inconvenience and in no way interferes with the intended use of the plug-in.

Re: Putting .nwc on website
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Fred makes extensive use of hidden items to control the overall sound that is created in Caverns. Obviously, these items are visible in the editor. Fred has done a great job in improving the overall presentation of the piece when viewed in the browser plug-in and the player.

Re: Putting .nwc on website
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I couldn't agree more. My comments were intended to be in praise of both the Noteworthy browser plug-in AND of Fred, and not as a criticism.

Re: Putting .nwc on website
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Re: Putting .nwc on website
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Joel, you need to contact the author, Fred Nachbaur, directly.