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Edit M4As?
I need to download a program to edit some sound files. Do you have any recommendations?


Re: Edit M4As?
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I would recommend Audacity. It's free, and there are Windows, Mac and Linux versions. I'm pretty sure it will let you import .M4A files.

Re: Edit M4As?
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Yes, that's what I was thinking. I wasn't sure if there was something else people were happy with.

Thanks, Mike. Hope you are staying well!

Re: Edit M4As?
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Agree with Mike. There's another program, Wave Repair, that I often use for .wav files, but it won't edit other file type. Audacity is really the best thing out there for sound files in general.

Re: Edit M4As?
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  Another vote for Audacity from me. It sounds like the popular choices are either Audacity for free or ProTools if you want to spend an arm and a leg.
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Re: Edit M4As?
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Creative WaveStudio is old but it's good.  It used to come bundled with the Creative Soundblaster sound card.  It's still available and it's free.  Or you can upload your file to the company's website, IIRC, and do the editing there.

I used to use  CWS to remove noise from clicks from tape recordings I was making from old records. 

As with Audacity you can silence sections way smaller than 1/1000 of a second, so small that you won't notice a gap in the music during playback.

CWS saves directly to .WAV, .RAW or .WMA formats, .WAV being the CD standard, whereas Audacity requires an export to other formats.

Re: Edit M4As?
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Last time I used WaveStudio, loong ago, I stumbled on a limit.
I don't remember which limit. Maybe file size. So I completely abandoned it.
But quite possibly this was before versione 7.14.01.

Re: Edit M4As?
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Audacity can mute voices and play back small portions of a song to help when transcribing it.
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Re: Edit M4As?
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REAPER. Full-blown DAW that can do anything, but costs nothing (with a wait when starting) or the likes of NWC or a little more. I've been using it for a decade or so now.