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Tips & Tricks / Re: Sharp in stead of flat, how to change?
Thanks for all the helping answers, very useful.
The simplest way for me is, when I want a A-F#-D chord, I make a A-F-D chord with the virtual keyboard, not a F# but a F, right click on the F, select accidentals and select Sharp.
Thanks a lot!
Tips & Tricks / Sharp in stead of flat, how to change?
Hi all,
I’ve a question about Notewhorty (2.75) sharps and flats.
Most of the time I write music for (church)organ, it works fine.
I use the keyboard of Notewhorty and my mouse to write the music. But there is one thing I do not understand. In the example attached, I want the F#+A but Notewhorty set it automatically to G-flat+A.
It is not possible to change it. With my mouse I select multiply notes to make chords in one layer. A single note I can change from flat to sharp with the symbols but multiply notes not.

Is there a possibility to write music in G minor, attached example, and make a G-flat a F-Sharp?

I’ve searched the forum but I can’t find a solution for this.


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