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User Tools / Usertool: CHANGE_TEMPO (ratio)
I updated the user tool CHANGE_TEMPO of Bart (thanks to him!) to allow to use ratio instead of percentage.

It is now possible to use an integer, a decimal, a fraction or a percentage.

Some examples of values :

  • 2 (double tempo)
  • 1/2 (half tempo)
  • 90/120 (change tempo from 120 to 90)
  • 1.25 (decimals are allowed)
  • 110% (percentages are still allowed with % char)
Instrument Trees / FluidR3 GM itree
If like me you use FluidR3_GM.sf2 you should know that this soundfont does not have only 128 instruments but 158 and not only 1 drumkit but 18

FluidR3_GM.nwcitree allows to easily select all these instruments.

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General Discussion / nwctxt syntax reference
I'm trying to work with NWC user tools.
First, I would like to create my own parser but I didn't find find reference for nwctxt syntax.

Where can I find it?

General Discussion / Clef transposition
I would like to change Clef on a staff, for example, from G clef to F clef but it's not easy...

example :
  • I have a staff with a G clef and notes :     𝄞 C D E F G
  • If I change key to F, I get :     𝄞 E F G A B
  • Then I use "tool > transpose staff..." with -4 semitons but I get :     𝄢 C Db Eb F G

Is there a better way to change clef in NWC ?
General Discussion / Midi input channel
When I press note on MIDI keyboard input, NWC add note in score and play it in output midi device but keep input channel instead of use current staff channel, so it use wrong instrument.

How to force it use wrong channel/instrument?