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User Tools / Re: Swing
Hi I'd like to run these for the Scottish Snaps which are a big part of our Celtic Fiddling. However I am not sure how to install it and how to set it up to run. Can any one give ne some assistance.  I hae a Tune that is written as a reel and there is another version that is a Strathspey.  I'd like to use the Reel and see how this might convert to closer to the Strathspey.

Any Suggestions on how to run ?

User Tools / Global Mod Conversion of Notes up one duration
HI I've been trying to use the Global Mod user tool to convert notes up one time duration. So the idea is to make Half notes, Whole notes, 4th notes to Half notes, 8th notes to 4th notes, 16th notes to 8th notes etc. You get the Idea.  OK this works fine using the following "Note,Dur==Half Dur=Whole Note,Dur==4th Dur=Half Note,Dur==8th Dur=4th Note,Dur==16th Dur=8th Note,Dur==32nd Dur=16th"  but it leaves any  Dotted notes or notes with Slurs or Ties out. I cannot figure out how to specify these notes for the conversion. Any Suggestions ?

Tips & Tricks / Re: [NWC2] How to cleanly extend the last system.
I may not have understood all the posts here but I wonder why the last bar line on a staff which you can set to "Section Close or Master Repeat Close or Single or Double"  bar type does not just have a Force System Break(Top Staff Only)  added to the General tab  in the Staff properties ?
General Discussion / How do I make a special last bar ending ? Celtic Fiddle Special Case
Hi' I've been trying to make a special ending and still have two master repeats in the piece.
This is for a Celtic Fiddle Orchaestra. We are to play two songs in a row and the last note of the last bar of the first song is to be omitted and replaced by the first note of the second song.  My problem is this. The first song has two repeat sections in a row. The Conductor wants us to play these through twice with the special ending only on the very last repeat.  So the Sections in Fiddle notation would be AA BB  AA  BB  with the special ending only on the last of the B sections.

If I use a special ending on the B part then is happens on both the first time through as well the last, where I only want the last. I know that I can just copy all the parts and make it happen, however since there is a second joining song following this would make the sheet music too long for one page. 

I can fake this out for printing but would truely like to find out how to make it happen. Can anyone assist please ?