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General Discussion / Re: Lost MIDI (and sound fonts) in Audigy 2 ZS in Windows 7
Thank you very much for your help.

I will try Virtual XP first. The card is recognized by Windows 7 correctly, it is the new driver that doesn't support MIDI. So, with some luck, I might be able to deploy everything in a VM.

If this fails, I'll try software solution. William, thanks a lot for the very detailed description. It looks very helpful and might be the way of doing MIDI in the future.

I'm really disappointed Creative decided to ditch sound fonts. Does it mean that their new products (e.g. X-Fi series) do not support sound fonts? Shame...

Is there any other hardware solution (for a laptop), which wouldn't drain my wallet? Any other external card/device with sound fonts that would work with NWC?
General Discussion / Lost MIDI (and sound fonts) in Audigy 2 ZS in Windows 7
I use a Dell Latitude laptop and Audigy 2 ZS card to play music form NWC. I have a collection of sound fonts and I really liked the way it played. This was in Windows XP.

However, I have upgraded to Windows 7 (64bit) and lost MIDI device and sound font ability. I have installed the most recent card driver ver. 2.18.0017, Audio Console ver. 1.20.09 and SoundFont Bank Manager 3.21.02. The driver is sort-of working, I can redirect sound to Audigy card and to speaker, but can't get MIDI with sound fonts working. Audio Console shows that MIDI output is not available, and SoundFont Manager can't see it either.

I looked at Creative support forum and some people reported a similar issue, but there was no answer:

Can I do anything to get my Audigy 2 ZS working with sound fonts again? Or do I need to get a more recent sound card. Any recommendations?
General Discussion / Version 2 upgrade
I had been using version 2 beta for a while. Every now and then, when I started NWC, it suggested updating, connected to the web page, and downloaded upgrades. Everything went fine.

However, since I upgraded from my purchased version 1.75b into the final version 2, things have changed. Now every few days it suggests upgrading, as before, but takes me to the version 2 enrolment wizard, and tries to upgrade from 1.75 again, requesting various serial numbers and the original CD. I have uninstalled 1.75b completely, leaving 2 only, but this didn't help.

Is anything wrong with my installation? I'd expect it to connect to the web page and tell me that I have the most recent version installed, or, e.g., that there is a new 2.01, or so, available.
User Tools / How to convert rests
I have a NWC score in 3/4 converted from a MIDI file, and all the full-bar rests are half dotted. I want to convert them into whole rests. I tried using global modification tool:

Rest,Dur==Half\,Dotted Dur=Whole

but this didn't work. Tried all other combinations, but didn't succeed. Can anyone help, please?
General Discussion / Re: Timing or Mathmatical Problem
The solution to the problem is to use quarter rest in chord with the half note, so that NWC knows that the quarter at the end of the bar follows another quarter (rest) parallel to the half, not he half itself. You can make it invisible if you prefer.

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