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How to indicate parameter values?

Tinkering with changing conditions in a score, using tempo or dynamic variances, hairpins, MPCs and the like, I am trying to get a better understanding of their mutual interactions. To this end, it would be helpful to get an indication of the current values of certain parameters (like tempo, velocity, volume, expression etc.) at a given point of a staff in a playing score. Is such a tool available in NWC vers. 2.75a.2, or does an appropriate user plugin exist?

Re: How to indicate parameter values?

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I think that what you ask is not available.

But there is a good search function (alt+E - F) and the button with the four dots after the input screen let you select specific objects like instrument change en multipoint controller. That way you could find what has been changed.

Be aware that, if there is no such an object in the staff or score, a value can be used from the staff properties or even from the midi channel that was used before. 

For instance: When your previous song used a string instrument for the first channel, and a new song doesn't have instrument information, you will hear also in you new song the string instrument in your first channel.

Be also aware that one tempo object impacts all staves, while velocity and volume only impacts the staff with that object. Some objects can also influence all staves that share the same channel.

A usertool cannot give information that is not available in the file and could foul you if it existed.


Re: How to indicate parameter values?

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Hi Bart,
thanks for replying.
And thank you in particular for sharpening my awareness of potential external influences on the conditions of a score, as long as these are not controlled in the score itself.
What I am interested in, however, is not changes in the score through the editor, but the momentary numerical values of the internal parameters at a given point of the score during play. I don't think a user tool can provide that, but it would probably need an object plugin instead, which could be inserted at the point of interest like a probe.
As an example, let's take a long crescendo over, say, 20 notes, between a standard p and a standard f. Now my question could be:  When play has reached the 7th note under that crescendo, what are the numerical values of velocity, volume, and expression at the end of that note? And if I set an accent on that note, or a marcato: How would those values change? What if I used an active hairpin instead of the 'cresc' marker, and what if some MPC interfered?  I  could look forward to a lot of interesting experimenting with such a tool, and I  would love being able to base my adjustments in the score on numbers instead of trial & error & just listening.
BTW: Tina Billet's fabulous documents are well-known here, but I would love being able to measure her results.