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calculating boundary offset

I want to calculate the needed boundary offset for my music.
In my song I am using the boundary offset to create more space between two music lines. On the verses 1, 3 and 4 (pages 2, 6 and 8) there are 2 music lines, followed by a refrain which has the word "Refrain" above it.  To avoid the word "Refrain" is printed over the lyrics, I give it a upper boundary offset of 16.
On verse 2 (page 4) the lyrics are a little bit smaller, so there is 1 music line before the refrain.
I want to print the refrain at the same offset, so I have to calculate the right offset,
How can I do that?

Kind regards,
Guido van Harten

Re: calculatiing boundary offset

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My method for anything like this is very un-scientific:
I use trial-and-error.  Set an offset and check the results in Print Preview...  Edit the offset if it's not good enough and try again.
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