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multi notes
I am trying to create a song with multi-notes (I think that's the right word for my situation).
The song has a phrase which consists of 25 syllables which have to sing on 7 music notes. So the notes have to align at the left side of each group of notes.
How do I do that?


Re: multi notes
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I am not sure I understand you problem - something like in my attachment? (I used the letters a...y to represent the 25 syllables)


Re: multi notes
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Another way to do this is to put underscores between the syllables that will be sung together. Then, on the Staff Lyrics properties page, set Align Syllable Using to Start of Accidental/Note.

Re: multi notes
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H.M. and Mike, thanks for your replies.


Re: multi notes
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If the lyrics are simple, you can use the Text feature to write each syllable and place these at each note.


If you don't want to use Preserve width, you can achieve something similar using spacers after each syllable- these are done with your Insert key.