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Hidden Staffs
I can't figure out how to restore hidden staffs.  Help?

Re: Hidden Staffs
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If you hide staves the way the rest of us do, you hid them by going to the "contents" tab of the "page setup" dialog and unchecking the checkbox beside the name of the staff. Just go back to the same tab and check the box again. You'll find the "page setup" dialog in the "file" menu, or by pressing the button that looks like an open book.

Re: Hidden Staffs
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Thany you sir.  A wee bit of cerebral flatulence here.

Re: Hidden Staffs
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I seem to have lost a file.  I have one song but I was saving it in several different keys.  But now, the file I want to import from my MixPad editor doesn't even show up as being there.  But I know it's somewhere because I can still play it inside NWC.  Might this have been saved as something other than a Type 1 Midi file?

Re: Hidden Staffs
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Have you done a file export as a Type 1 Midi?
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