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Switching Clef?

Hey!  Does anyone know of a way to make all the existing notes on a staff conform to a new/different clef?  I'm not just talking about notating in a different clef in general, but having all the notes automatically move to their respective positions on the staff according to the new clef (so, a C remains a C, etc).  Musescore can do this (in that one, you just drag a clef onto the staff and everything instantly conforms/adjusts).  I need this very badly with NWC since my work is going to be performed live in only a few months and I need to find a fast/efficient way put a lot of stuff that was initially written with treble and bass clefs into alto and tenor clefs- preferably without losing any other notation in the process (such as dynamics, performance styles, etc).  I am so incredibly grateful to anyone who can help me with this problem!!



Re: Switching Clef?

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Select the entire staff and, holding Cntl/Shift down, press the up arrow or down arrow however many times as needed.  There are tools that can do that for you, handling different octave shifts as well as clef changes like octave down treble to unshifted bass (up five times).
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Re: Switching Clef?

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The user tool you need is:


but this old duffer does not remember how to attach the file to the message.

Nor how to give you concise instructions to install it in Noteworthy.

I do hope somebody else will help where I'm failing

The above is the link to the information which I could not supply.
After using Clef_Change, you may have to use:  Tools --> Audit ---> Note Stems
and because the positions of the notes will have changed, you may have to adjust the positions of dynamics, etc.

Re: Switching Clef?

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Thank you all so much for your quick responses!  ^_^  I haven't had the chance to try these solutions out yet (and have not actually used the user tool yet).  I'll experiment on an unimportant midi to test these things out to save myself hassle if I mess it up, haha!

Thanks for welcoming me to the community.  I REALLY like NWC!  I find it incredibly intuitive and I can work in it so quickly- much more so than any of the other midi programs I've tried.