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Test object: Ukulele.test (0.4)

Hello all,

At the suggestion of another NWC user, who is not a member of this forum, I am working on an enhancement to the object. Because of several changes to the existing behavior/appearance of the object, I am posting it first as a "test" object, to gauge feedback to these changes. If there are no significant objections, I'll retire this thread and post an update to the original object.
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
|User|Ukulele.test|Pos:7|Name:Asus2|Finger:"2 4 5 2"|TopFret:2|FretPos:3|Size:2
Following are the changes and additions being implemented in this version:
  • The predefined chords now include versions for C tuning (soprano, concert and tenor) and G tuning (baritone) ukuleles.
  • The number of chords (for each tuning) has been expanded from 35 to 180. These new chords are selected in a manner similar to the updated object, and replace the previous chord set, and were created from downloadable chords charts on
  • The fret number displayed for chords not played at the top fret has been moved from the left to the right side of the chart.
  • An additional parameter is available to control the fret number to receive the above position label.
  • An additional parameter is available to offset the vertical position of the chord name.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated (especially if you are a ukulele player).

Re: Test object: Ukulele.test (0.4)

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The Ukulele.test object has been updated:
  • A small bug has been corrected, which caused incorrect fret number position values.
  • The thickness of the top border has been restored to its original behavior (thicker for chords with top fret = 1). However, the thickness has been reduced slightly.
  • A new parameter has been added to allow the chord name vertical position to be adjusted relative to the chord chart. (This feature will be added to the object if there is sufficient interest.)

Re: Test object: Ukulele.test

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The Ukulele.test object has been retired; its changes are now merged into, as version 0.5. The code file has been removed from the parent post.