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formulas in copyright field

I appreciate an option to use a creation and/or print date in the Copyright field.
Is there an option to make such a Copyright text?


Re: Time stamping printed pages

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This would seem to be a possibility for a User Object.

It should be possible to put the info you want into the Comment field and have a User Object put on the printed page.

Currently, the Lua API will return the date of NWC2.exe but not today's date or the date of the source nwc/nwctxt file. Perhaps a function could could be added to the API to return this info.

I am not writing User Objects now, but others may want to comment.
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Re: formulas in copyright field

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I don't think there is a better way to do this than simply assigning the pertinent date into File, Info.

Re: formulas in copyright field

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Ok, it was a wish. When the wish too extreme, I can survive with a regular option...