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NWC to abc
Hope you can help.
           I've done my due diligence and searched the site before bothering you all but can't find what I need.
To be brief, I'm about to start a new project with & anglo concertina .
   I have used NWC for 10 yrs or so and love it but where it falls down is being able to put 2 or 3 tunes on one page.
          abc seems to do this beautifully so I'm hoping to be able to import my NWC files into abc to manipulate them there.
 I had considered using  only abc but after all this time I can speedily notate tunes with NWC and to change I realize would be like learning a new instrument........... don't want  that.
         Any help ?  needs to be simple as I'm a simple sort !

Re: NWC to abc
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Have you checked this earlier thread?
This is my tool for going the other way: abcnwc.htm.
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Re: NWC to abc
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Thanks for responding, Warren.
         I had in fact found this page and spend some time scrutinizing it.
  My computer skill level is such that I was unable  find anything that helped me.
             Could you point me towards something/somewhere else ?
  It's only single lines of folk music, so it's pretty simple stuff.
      Again, any help appreciated.

Re: NWC to abc
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It's only single lines of folk music, so it's pretty simple stuff.
You might consider exporting the NWC file to a MIDI file. There ought to be dozens of utilities out there that will convert MIDI to ABC
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