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Topic: Is there a way to change all "best fit" to "at next note or bar" (Read 2873 times) previous topic - next topic

Is there a way to change all "best fit" to "at next note or bar"

I am aware that after choosing "at next note or bar" for placement of a fingering or violin bowing, that subsequent entries with be set to "at next note or bar."  In some of my earlier works for the violin part I used "best fit" for the markings.  Now I am adding a piano part and pasting the violin part on this new page... Well the piano part causes the violin parts markings to shift around.  Some maintain integrity and some move erratically.  So I have to highlight each marking, right click and change it to "at next note or bar."  This is easier than writing out the whole thing long hand, lol, but a pain.

If there were a way in the set up to opt for "at next note or bar" that would be nice, particularly if the whole piece was using "best fit."  Perhaps, there is a way to change all in mass?  If so I don't have a clue.

I'm getting mouse over-use wrist pain clicking away!


Re: Is there a way to change all "best fit" to "at next note or bar"

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You can do this in two steps:

  • You need to create a find expression that accurately identifies your fingering or bow marks. For example, if your marks all use the first user font, you could start with a find expression like this:


    Test the expression using Edit, Find. You should verify that the expression only matches the items that you wish to change.

  • Select a whole staff (Home, followed by Shift+End), then use Edit, Filtered Properties, and enter your find expression.

    You can now change the Alignment/Placement for only the targeted items.

Re: Is there a way to change all "best fit" to "at next note or bar"

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Yes there is!
(What follows, may look complicated, but man, it can save you very much time and effort once you use these user tools)

(Will some kind person please expand on my bare-bones explanation,)

If you are using one of the "User" fonts EXCLUSIVELY  for the markings, then


is the user tool to use.
It can do the job for a whole staff of hundreds of measures,
(or a selection)
in a couple of seconds,

If the markings (and ONLY the markings) all use User1 font:

Name for tool, say: Bowings_AtNextNote

Instructions ALL in one line, :

php\php.exe Scripts\adp_GlobalMod.php Text,Font==User1 Visibility=Default Text,Font==User1 Placement=AtNextNote

If there are other items also using user1, it will be necessary to specify the individual characters whose properties have to be changed

Re: Is there a way to change all "best fit" to "at next note or bar"

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2016-04-30: I'm using NWC 2.75  which is a GREAT improvement on the previous versions

(Previous versions, using their "User Starter kits", can also use adp_GlobalMod).

The basic kit of user tools for NWC 2.75 can be downloaded from:

To set up adp_GlobalMod for the above example:

This example assumes that the bowings (and ONLY the bowings) use the User1 font.

1. For testing purposes, make a copy of a staff containing the bowing markings
and use the copy for the following steps.
2. Type ALT + F8, This opens the UserTools window
3. If this is the first time that you are adding a user tool,
    in the GROUP window, type a name for your tool(s) (in my case "Haymo"
4. left click on NEW, which then displays the User Tool Description window
5. The Group name will be filled in automatically,
6. In the Name block, type in the name for the new tool ,
    for example Bowing_User1_AtNextNote
7. In the Command block, type in (or copy and paste), all in one line:

php\php.exe scripts\adp_GlobalMod.php Text,Font==User1 Placement=AtNextNote

8. For Input Type, leave Clip Text as selected.
9. DO NOT select any of the Options
10. Click OK
11. In  the UserTools window, left click Run

Job done, and you have a tool which can serve you for a long, long time.


Re: Is there a way to change all "best fit" to "at next note or bar"

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Just my "2 cents" here.

adp_GlobalMod is a very powerful user tool, as @Haymo has described. For earlier versions of NWC, it was the only way to perform this type of edit, but with the addition of regular expressions in Filtered Properties, a large percentage of these types of changes (on a single staff) can be done by following the steps that @NoteWorthy Online outlined. This method has the advantage of using the standard properties dialog for setting the parameter values.

Of course, adp_GlobalMod allows many other operations, including scaling of parameter values, so I am not saying it isn't needed anymore. But perhaps users will find the built-in methods useful for simpler changes.


Re: Is there a way to change all "best fit" to "at next note or bar"

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Thanks Mike,
You've shown me up as "Not quite all NWC 2.75" yet.

I'm basically very lazy, and hate to type things more than once,
hence I prefer to program a tool once
and re-use it frequently with a few clicks,
without bothering about the detail required.