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In Ave Maria by Shubert, I want to slur from the quarter note to the two sixteenth grace notes...However when I highlight the... General Discussion grace note slurring p... 2020-04-14 03:55 pm
On a published score, tremolo was written with two quarter notes with the tremolo sign between them; the tremolo occupying 1 ... General Discussion Tremolo and Note Value. 2018-02-26 02:42 pm
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thanks for your input!  I went to Scriptorium and ownloaded the Cresc.ttf from the site, installed itand all is well.  The fi... General Discussion Re: Trouble in Window... 2015-08-19 07:59 am
Ever typed a letter with cresc.ttf... now you can.With the installation of the cresc. ttf font in Win 10, Microsoft Word (set... General Discussion Trouble in Windows 10... 2015-08-18 10:28 pm
Thank you Rich and Mike for your prompt help.  I truly appreciate it! Paul H. Borisoff General Discussion Re: When note values ... 2015-08-09 08:55 pm
   thank you both!  When I looked at your examples all became apparent!  Of course... As for creating a staff to layer, I gue... General Discussion Re: When note values ... 2015-08-09 06:59 pm
I attached the original bar from a piano book.  Half notes shown are meant to be held but their additive values are greater t... General Discussion When note values exce... 2015-08-09 03:55 pm
Warren, I see you are a violinist.  The two attached are my first full use of 2.5.1.  It looks pretty good to me.  I haven't ... General Discussion Re: Notation of violi... 2015-06-29 12:41 am
I guess I'll wait and convert as I use files.  The nwc-conv.exe will not convert like format types.  So nwc (1.75) to nwc (2.... General Discussion Re: Mass coversion to... 2015-06-28 05:12 am