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  • edda
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Play tool
I have a question about the play tool.
How can I play back just a selected section ? I now can only play the total number, or one bar line.....

I really need to play back just the bar part  I am working on...

 Thanks for helping.....

  • Bart
  • NWC2 User
Re: Play tool
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I think your target is the play functionality in NoteworthyComposer and not in Noteworthy Player, since you mention "working on".

There exists an option to manipulate playback in NoteworthyComposer.

It can be found under menu TOOLS - OPTIONS - MIDI and in the "play options" box you can select from a few options to "Play" your song. I think the default option is "Play from current measure". It is my preferred option and it is sufficient for me. But other options are available as well.

As far as I know there is not an option to stop automatically after some time/measures, but pressing F5, F6 or ESC will do if want NoteworthyComposer stop playing. So I don't think you will need that.


Re: Play tool
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In addition to what @Bart has said, you can press Shift-F5 to play only the notes in the active staff (if that is what you meant by "bar part").