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This object creates bar labels for a score, similar to those created with the BoxMarks fonts. The font can be any of the available NWC font classes, and the size of the box and text can be scaled. The text can either be user specified, or if left blank, the measure number of the prior or next bar will be used.

Paste the following snippet into NWC 2.75, then go to Tools > Manage Objects to install the object.

Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
For details on the object's parameters, refer to the context-sensitive help on object's properties page.

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Excellent object addition...well suited for rehearsal marks.

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That's very useful, especially for those of us that prepare choral rehearsal files.
Thanks Mike.

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Thanks to everyone for their kind words and "likes". I have recently begun creating practice scores for our choir, and the first piece of music I am transcribing has rehearsal marks containing measure numbers. So I created this object as a time-saver for myself, and of course I would share it with the rest of the community here. As always, I appreciate the feedback and comments.

Thanks again,

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Hi Mike,
I haven't always commented, but I am finding your submissions either actually or potentially very helpful.  Which just depends on my immediate needs when they appear :)

Please keep up the good work!
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The object has been updated, with the following changes:

  • Parameter added to allow label to use prior or next bar number.

Please refer to the parent post for additional information.

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Hi Mike

I use the bar label constantly for my scores, so I add my gratitude for your generosity in sharing it with the NWC community. I have a  question: is it possible to add a "preserve width" box? Sometimes I need to add text close by and instead of using insert to add spaces (which sometimes does strange things to other things, such as the crescendo or decrescendo hairpins -- another topic which I will want to explore), or having to move the label up above the text, maybe preserving the width would be better? If it already has this capability, then I have missed it.

Thanks again for your help!