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Have you encountered an issue with antivirus/firewall software?

Yes (please post details in a reply)
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Antivirus/Firewall and NWC 2.75

If you have experienced any Antivirus or Firewall issues while using NWC Version 2.75, please reply here with details.

We are working on a significant change to the way NWC 2.75 accesses online content, which should help matters. These changes will appear in Beta Preview 50. However, I am interested in any issues that have come up thus far.

Popularity Contest as Anti-virus

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A user recently provided the following sample of a false positive. A picture of the alert is attached. This alert was triggered when trying to install a NWC 2.75 update. The details reveal the methodology for raising the alert. It is purely based on popularity.

For the convenience of our customers, we offer about a dozen upgrade programs, each targeted at different NoteWorthy Composer versions. This reduces the programs overall usage in the market, and dilutes the program's ability to survive the "popularity contest" approach used by these companies.

You can safely disregard this error when installing NWC 2.75 updates.