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Markup.rg is a User plugin for text markup that is attached to a single point in a score.
It is not designed for positioning text between two or more items.

To install, save the Lua attachment as:
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%ProgramData%\Noteworthy Software\nwc2\UserPlugins\Markup.rg.nwcuser.Lua
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Re: Markup.rg
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I'm absolutely not in the mood to study lua just to use this plugin, and furthermore I'm not sure even then I'll be able to understand all anyway.
Call it cryptic! The more I look the less I understand.
At this point I'll find an alternative solution but, Rick, what about something less ermetic? Just a little help?

Re: Markup.rg
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Google says that "ermetic" is Romanian for hermetic.
There are some examples in the attachment.
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Re: Markup.rg
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Google says that "ermetic" is Romanian for hermetic.
No, it's a mistyping for "hermetic"...  O:)

Thank you.

Re: Markup.rg
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This seems interesting - however, I have not found a description of the "language" that controls what happens where - did I miss it? In the plugin code, it says to look ... in this thread :(

Also, it seems that the plugin has parameters that cannot be set - there is something with "Media", and for some examples fields like "Width" or "Justify" (as a free text?) appear - but only for some.

For me, this looks right now like an quite interesting experimental proof of concept that is still missing the necessary additions to make it usable to the average user ... or did I grossly overlook something? If it is still in "embryo state", I'd be happy to try it out and suggest what I'd need as documentation!