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This object will add verse numbers to lyrics on a staff. The numbers will be drawn using the current "StaffLyric" font, to match the size and style of the lyrics.

The following parameters control the sequence and placement of the numbers:

Start Verse Number: The starting point for numbering the verses. Default is 1.
Starting Verse: The number of the first lyric line to receive a number. Default is 1.
Maximum Verses: The number of the last lyric line to receive a number. Default is 'All'.
Separator Position: Inserts a short horizontal separator line between the verse numbers every 'n' lyric lines. Default is 'Off', which disables this function.
Special Text: Allows a user specified series of verse labels to be used instead of ascending numbers. It is either a series of values separated by spaces, or an empty string to disable this feature. Default is an empty string.
Punctuation: Text to append to each verse number. Default is ". " (a period followed by a single space)

Each verse number will be positioned right-justified before the first lyric-bearing note or rest that follows the object. The verse numbers are vertically aligned based on the widest syllable.

Known issue: When a syllable is hyphenated at the end of a line, NWC normally draws a "courtesy" hyphen at the beginning of the next system, and this may be obscured by the verse numbers. This courtesy hyphen can be suppressed by inserting a line break in the lyric editor for that syllable, after the hyphen.

Attached is a copy of the NWC sample song "God Save the Queen" with verse numbers added via this object.
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Re: (version 0.9)
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The user plugin has been updated, with the following changes:

  • Help text is added
  • Minor rendering adjustments

Please refer to the parent post for a description of the available parameters and a sample clip.

As always, feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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