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MPC Cancel

Is there anything I can put at all to cancel all active multi point controllers on a staff? I seem to be having a hanging pitch bend or something, and if I could just 'reset' everything at a certain point, I think it will clear it up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)

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Hmm. It's a bummer when you've lost track of those things, as there is no search facility in NWC. If you don't have toooo many tracks, you can mute staves one by one until the hanging pitch bend disappears. Then you'll know which stave to look on. Should be easy after that.
A pitch bend mpc setting to absolute middle (0) should fix it.

Sorry this is a magic wand... ;)


Re: MPC Cancel

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If you want to interactively reset everything, you simply press F6 twice (or once if nothing is playing). This resets sustain pedal, volume, stereo pan, and pitch bend information on every channel.

If you want to do it in the middle of a staff, you must embed each of these: sustain pedal up, MPC volume to whatever volume you want, MPC pitch bend to 0.

Re: MPC Cancel

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How hard would it be to include an optional full reset (controller 121) at the beginning or end or both of an exported midi file?

Some midi sites (e.g. Classical Midi Connection) strongly encourage this for the files on their sites, I've been inserting them by hand using mid-text conversion and back but it's a bit of a nuisance.


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We are considering a mechanism to support a raw MIDI insert function directly into the staff. This would obviously allow you to do this kind of thing.

FYI: NWC used to automatically send a device reset. This was removed after complaints from some folks who used synthesizers that were dynamically loaded with sound fonts. The reset sent by NWC would force them to reload their sound font banks. Once we removed this feature, we stopped receiving such complaints.

Re: MPC Cancel

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Hmm.. yeah, I can see where that would be a problem. I guess if were re-implemented it would have to be a "user-choice" kind of thing...