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Numbering verses
I have not been succesful at numbering verses in a 4-verse song. I have tried the insert text function, both with the "preserve width function enabled and disabled. I have not been able, in either case, to line up my verse numbers in a vertical line. What could I be overlooking? Thanks,
Joe Allison

Re: Numbering verses
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How about including the numbers in the verses as typed into the lyric text editor? E.g.

1:_'Twas bril-lig and the sli-thy toves did gyre and gimbel in the wabe....

2:_Twee-dle-dum and Twee-dle-dee re-solved to have a bat-tle


Re: Numbering verses
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Fred's method works, but does make the first syllable longer than it should be, and this effects the note spacing.

I played around with insert text and found the following:

Place the cursor on the same level as the first lyric line, and in front of the time signature or a bar line (in other words in front of something just before the first lyric note).

Insert text "1." with preserve width off and using lyric font.
Move the cursor down four lines to the next lyric line and repeat the process. etc, etc.

The numbers won't line up in the edit screen, but they do when you print it.