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Installing the standard Instrument Trees

Instrument trees can get lost. This may help in getting them back.

The standard files that ship with NoteWorthy Composer as of version 2.51 are:
04/25/2004  06:44 AM             6,438 Classic.nwcitree
04/25/2004  06:43 AM             2,642 Default.nwcitree
04/25/2004  06:44 AM             2,642 General Midi.nwcitree
They have not changed since version 2.0, so any back-ups of these files should work.

Step 1: Find the above files and move them to a dedicated folder.
Step 2: Tell the NoteWorthy Composer program where they are:
The location of your Instrument Tree files is controlled by the setting of Tools, Options, Folders, Instrument Trees.

If you can't find any copies of the files, contact as outlined in: NoteWorthy Composer - Support and Help

The download from the topic: General Midi.nwcitree may be of use if the standard files cannot be found.
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Re: Installing the standard Instrument Trees

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The files are probably still in the program folder. There is a bug in Tools, Options, Folders that causes this. We have been working on an update to correct this.