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"Reset" file

In case anyone else might benefit from this idea. I've created a "Reset" nwc file that contains 16 staves, each one having this:
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
|MPC|Controller:pitch|Style:Linear Sweep|TimeRes:Whole|SweepRes:32|Pt1:0,8192|Pos:12|Wide:Y
|MPC|Controller:vol|Style:Linear Sweep|TimeRes:Sixteenth|SweepRes:1|Pt1:0,127|Pos:11|Wide:Y
|MPC|Controller:mod|Style:Linear Sweep|TimeRes:Sixteenth|SweepRes:1|Pt1:0,0|Pos:10|Wide:Y
|MPC|Controller:bal|Style:Linear Sweep|TimeRes:Sixteenth|SweepRes:1|Pt1:0,64|Pos:9|Wide:Y
|MPC|Controller:exp|Style:Linear Sweep|TimeRes:Sixteenth|SweepRes:1|Pt1:0,127|Pos:8|Wide:Y
|MPC|Controller:reverb|Style:Linear Sweep|TimeRes:Sixteenth|SweepRes:1|Pt1:0,64|Pos:7|Wide:Y
|MPC|Controller:chorus|Style:Linear Sweep|TimeRes:Sixteenth|SweepRes:1|Pt1:0,0|Pos:6|Wide:Y

These are the commands I use frequently, and before switching from song to song, I always play it back to make sure lingering effects aren't being transferred, especially pitch commands. It sets the reverb to 64 which might not do anything for you, but it's especially useful to not have to manually add reverb to each staff on making a new track, since I want it always on.

Re: "Reset" file

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Thank you.
I presume that your 16 staves access all 16  available channels.

What a thorough RESET!