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lyrics paste doesn't work
Dear All, I'm a first time poster, but I've been using NWC since 1999. I'm running the current version (2.5.5) on a 1 year old HP Pavilion G. I recently upgraded to the newest version ... and since that time I've been unable to paste in any lyrics. I've never had problems with that in the past. This problem has been going on for about 8 weeks. I use NWC weekly for at least 3 music files for church ... and it's gonna really suck if I can't lick this. I've rebooted ... everything else works just fine ... Thanks for any help! Mark Nelson, Gloucester ma

Re: lyrics paste doesn't work
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Hi Mark,

Not sure why you should have that problem. Nobody else has said that they have this issue. I can assure you that I can paste lyrics into the current version.

Perhaps it might be helpful if you describe how you are attempting to paste the lyrics.

For reference
CTRL L  - Change line count to at least 1
Click on Lyric 1 tab
Ctrl V to paste any lyrics you have in the buffer.

This hasn't changed from earlier versions.  Is this what you are trying to do ?

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Re: lyrics paste doesn't work
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It is not a solution for your problem, but as a work around you can save the file as a noteworthytext file, where you can see (and modify) your text in a text editor of your choice.

Re: lyrics paste doesn't work
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Someone (perhaps the same person) asked about this issue on Facebook. In that case, the situation resolved itself after a Windows update. Perhaps a simple system restart would fix it as well.

Re: lyrics paste doesn't work
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I have the same problem that Mark describes: the paste function does not work in the lyrics dialogue - whether I use Ctrl+V, Shift+Insert, or mouse right-click commands. Interestingly, I can *cut* without difficulty -- but when I cut and immediately try to paste, nothing happens. (I know that the text has in fact been saved in the clipboard, because I tested by pasting into a word document.)

The work-around of saving as a nwctxt file, then editing, does the trick - thank you for that.

I have had this problem for months -- at least since upgrading to NWC 2.5.5. In fact, I can't recall the last time I was able to paste lyrics.

Re: lyrics paste doesn't work
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Just tried this, in both the current release and in the 2.51 beta. I can't get it to work, either. (For the record, what I've tried is copying one word from the lyric text to the clipboard and pasting it into another part of the same lyric. I've also tried copying a word from an external text document and pasting that into a random part of a lyric. Absolutely nothing, both times - no change to the file, which doesn't show that it's been edited, and which NWC closes readily, without any warning about losing edited material.)

Re: lyrics paste doesn't work
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Paste works just fine on my box running WinXP Pro.
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Re: lyrics paste doesn't work
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Could it be a Win7 thing? (I'm running Win7 64-bit home premium.)

Re: lyrics paste doesn't work
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Paste works just fine on my box running WinXP Pro.

Ditto, and also good on my Win7 Home Premium system
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Re: lyrics paste doesn't work
Reply #9 works after a reboot. Definitely did not work before (multiple attempts). Haven't done anything else with the machine yet - I'll keep checking regularly while I work on other things and see if I can spot when the "copy" function stops working in lyrics.

Re: lyrics paste doesn't work
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So far, copy/paste is still working in the lyrics. A bit frustrating. I know - that sounds odd. But I've been trying to duplicate whatever caused it not to work earlier, and so far I haven't been able to. The trouble with intermittent problems is that they are so....intermittent. Will keep trying to remember what I did this morning before reading marshmere's account and trying it it again....and test. But I no longer have very high hopes of success. Or, depending on how you look at it, of failure. Which would mean success. Uh.....

Re: lyrics paste doesn't work
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OK, I give up. Haven't been able to recreate the conditions that led to the failure of the paste function in the lyrics. I'll keep sporadically checking. All I can say at this time is that NWC did fail to paste text into the lyrics, repeatedly and using all forms of the "copy" command, at the time I reported, until I rebooted; but that lyrics were the only thing that seemed to be affected by whatever caused the failure (the rest of NWC, all text editors and word processors, and Firefox all appeared to be worked fine).