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  • Bart
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Strange tie behaviour in version 2.5.x
In previous versions, when you applied a tie on a chord, the tie for note members did not appear if the following chord did not have that note.
In the newest versions (2.5.1 and  2.5.4) the tie for chord members does appear and remains until that note appears again.
I doubt that this feature was introduced on purpose.

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|Instrument|Name:"String Ensemble 1"|Patch:48|Trans:0|DynVel:10,30,45,60,75,92,108,127|Pos:8

Re: Strange tie behaviour in version 2.5.x
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Sounds like a persistent tool issue.  It seems the defaults changed with 2.5.  I hand to uncheck some options after upgrading.

You may want to uncheck tie.  Then you'll only get ties when you want them.
Jim in Cleveland

Re: Strange tie behaviour in version 2.5.x
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Actually, this is a specific change to the tie mechanism. In order to add a tie only to specific notes of a chord, the tie should be applied when the note member is added to the chord.

Re: Strange tie behaviour in version 2.5.x
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After reviewing this, there is definitely room for improvement. Adding a tie to a selection that contains both ends of the tie could probably be done in a way that yields your desired result, and it would be quite logical. Stay tuned...

Re: Strange tie behaviour in version 2.5.x
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Should be improved in NWC Version 2.5.5, which is currently in beta release. In version 2.5.5, new ties are constrained to the selection when multiple notes are selected. If just a single chord is selected, the tie continues to be added or removed to all notes in the chord.

  • Bart
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Re: Strange tie behaviour in version 2.5.x
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Just to verify I reïnstalled version 2.1 and in a new score I added 3 chords (G46,C36,C35).
Adding a tie to chord G46 only adds a tie on the G.
Adding a tie to chord C36 adds 2 ties, one on E and one on G.

I exported to nwctext (added below) and see indeed the ties "-2" in the first chord and  "-4 and -2" on the second.


I appreciate the improvement, but hardly see situations where every chord note should get a tie.

Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
|SongInfo|Title:""|Author:"<Name>"|Lyricist:""|Copyright1:"Copyright © 2012 <Name>"|Copyright2:"All Rights Reserved"
|Font|Style:Staff Italic|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:10|Bold:Y|Italic:Y|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:Staff Bold|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:Y|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:Staff Lyric|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:7|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:Page Title Text|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:24|Bold:Y|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:Page Text|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:12|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:Page Small Text|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 1|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 2|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 3|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 4|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 5|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 6|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|StaffProperties|EndingBar:Section Close|Visible:Y|BoundaryTop:12|BoundaryBottom:12|Lines:5|Style:Standard|Layer:N|Color:Default