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Hymns out of the NoteWorthy Box !

There have been many questions in the past asking if you can use NoteWorthy to print hymns with the music systems above the hymn verses.
Up until now, the only way of achieving this was to put the music into NoteWorthy without the verses, do a print preview and copy the systems to a DTP program. Then use the DTP program (or a WP program) to write the verses and then add them into the DTP program at the correct position.

Now you can do it "out of the box" as they say, in one go using NoteWorthy. Takes some work, but it can be done.

I submit three examples of this.  In all cases, the page is set up as A5 and you will need to set this up (File / Printer Setup)  if you download these files to see how it is done.

I have merged the three pdf prints into one, since this allowed me to post all attachments in one posting. (Only 4 attachments allowed)

The examples are :
Eventide - possibly the easiest example to achieve.  This has two systems followed by 5 verses in a single column.
St. Clement - Two systems followed by two columns of 5 verses.  It's a shame that I couldn't find a way to centre the final verse. I dare say someone will find a way. Edit - I found a way. Files updated.
Just As I am - This is two different tunes for the same hymn, followed by 6 verses in two columns.

It should be particularly noted that when entering the hymn lyrics, that the number of lyric lines configured equates to the number of lines in each verse.  Each verse (or pair of verses if in two columns) requires an additional staff. Also, if you require the verses in two columns, you have to put the lyric lines of two verses into one lyric line. Examination of the attached files will reveal what I mean.

No attempt has been made to tart up the music or lyrics. If you want / need to do that, you will need to experiment further on your own.

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Thanks Richard.

Looks wonderful - somewhat like magic

- I'll need to go through your instructions VERY carefully
and my 12 year old HP Laserjet 1100 is not very helpful
when it comes to trying to set to paper size of A5
(It does know A4).

Re: Hymns out of the NoteWorthy Box !

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Thanks Richard, for pointing this out. I have many times done it by copying and pasting, ending up doing it again if I have made any changes to the notation. Much nicer to have everything in one file.

NWC on Ubuntu Linux/Wine

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I found a way of centering the final verse in St. Clement. The attachments in the starting post have been updated with the changes.

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I see that we are thinking along the same lines.

Hmmm, interesting.  Thinking along the same lines, but different.

More than one way to skin a cat (as they say here - for some reason).

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Wonderful!  Many thanks, Richard, I've done this before using a much more cumbersome method, so this is a godsend.

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I produce single lines of music to insert into service sheets: copy special, paste into Word. But my secretary doesn't have Word on her machine so it would reproduce. I can sent them as a PDF, but then she can't manipulate the service sheet. Is there a way of exporting the music as an image file?

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When you do a copy special and then paste into Word, you are exporting the music as an image file. You need to paste into a graphics package instead of word. You can then save as an image file.

Alternatively, get your secretary to download Open Office. It is free and it can read your Word files (but check the version - you may need to check that the latest version of Word can be read by Open Office).

Or you could copy and paste into the Open Office word processor and manipulate in that format.

Re: Hymns out of the NoteWorthy Box !

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Perhaps the following link will take the sting out of recreating hymns in NWC:

About half way down this page are listed a BUNCH of hymns written in NWC and zipped alphabetically.  Hope this link helps.