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Music lags with the visual
My computer crashed in April and I uploaded Noteworthy on a different (but not new) new computer.  I noticed as I hit play, the visual movement of the notes in red is way ahead of the actual sound by a couple of beats.  I never noticed that before.  Is there some setting I have forgotten to put in.  I keep a notebook on programs I have for just this reason, and thought I set it up the way it was on my other computer.  It could be I just never noticed it before.

Re: Music lags with the visual
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First question would be what operating system is on the computer and what kind of softsynth is NWC using for playback.  Until Win XP/2000, pretty much all softsynths had close to 1 second latency (lag time of audio behind video) unless Active X v.9 or higher was installed, as was the case on a Win98 machine with a Yamaha S-YXG 100 softsynth I used some 8 years ago.  WinXP, Vista and 7 should play most softsynths with near zero latency.  With some op system, softsynth and comp info some of the top techies here should be able to solve your problem.

Re: Music lags with the visual
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When I had XP (a downgrade from Vista (yuk!) not supported by HP) on my laptop, I had the same "problem".  Windows 7 on the same laptop does not show this behaviour.   I would therefore suggest it may be a driver problem, as the sound card driver for XP was a bit of a bodge.  Try getting the very latest drivers for your sound card from the PC manufacturers website if it is on-board or the manufacturers website for add-on cards