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Cue notes

Can anyone suggest a way of inserting cue-notes (smaller size notes) in a nwc score ?  I tried changing note-heads as an alternative but these do not appear to indicate note duration (minims vs crotchets).  Coloured notes would do fine but I do not have access to a colour printer.  Is there a workaround that I am missing ?


Re: Cue notes

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Cue-sized beams, ties and slurs are the largest problems. There is not an adequate solution that I can recommend.
Using color will be noticable even with gray-scale printers, but beams follow the color of the staff.
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Re: Cue notes

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This has been a perennial problem with NWC. The closest thing to a solution that I know of is to use muted grace notes on a separate, layered staff. But there are problems with this approach, as well - mostly in terms of horizontal spacing, which can be difficult to tweak into an acceptable form.

Re: Cue notes

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This user tip shows a workaround for grace notes as cues.
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