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Tool for bulk modification of the File info.
Hi all,

I am a NWC 1.75 user since september 2003. I upgraded it to version 2.0. Now, I have a thousands of NWC File.

I want to modify the personal description i write  down in the comment field of the files, to make them to be uniform. It will cost a big of time to modify them one by one.
Please, can somebody help me?? or is there any tool for bulk modification of the File info??

(pardon of my bad english, i'm not an english speaker)


Re: Tool for bulk modification of the File info.
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You're probably wiser not to create some sort of bulk change, but perhaps you could create a User Tool that would open the Information window for each song.  Then it would be fairly simple to just copying and pasting from one open song file to several others.

Re: Tool for bulk modification of the File info.
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Ramlis wrote about thousands of files!
I think a bulk change tool is the only solution.
I had the same problem many times, but I was lucky my files were simply a dozen or so each time.

The problem is: how to do it?

The idea could be to convert all to NWCText, then use a good editor to do a "replace in files", then reconvert everything back to NVC binary format.

But now the problem is: how to convert a batch of files at once back and forth?

The only idea I have is some kind of "macro" à la Windows 3.1's RECORDER.EXE...

Is it possible with some windows scripting?
Or with a command line parameter to NWC? (Easy and clean, Eric wishing...)
Or, even better, directly changing the info via a more elaborate version of NWCinfo? (Much more work for Eric...)

By the way: NWC has already some command line parameters? I found no reference to it in any place.
Of course it accepts the filename of the file to open...