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Slur - layering - stem up/down

Hi ,

How to get the slur appear correctly when layer one staff with the next one? I mean, I have a staff with all notes stem up. Below there is new staff with my second voice and I put all of them stem down. Now, if a layer both staff I get a good partiture showing both voices. However, the slurs cross and they do not appear clear. Is there anyway to change them, I would say to apply the stem but only to the slur.


Re: Slur - layering - stem up/down

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Use the Notation Properties Command on selected notes to set the Slur Direction as described <here>
Generally, you will want to set slurs Upward on the upper voice layer and Downward on the lower voice layer.
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Re: Slur - layering - stem up/down

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Thats´s what I wanted
Thanks Rick